Antidepressants help me very much. It all started with total apathy. I was not interested and did not want to do anything. I was thick, there were serious problems with concentration. Often there was no strength to even get out of bed. I prefer to lie for hours. I constantly slept to fall out of reality. Depression hit me pretty hard. I could no longer do what had been easy before. My communication skills have suffered, it has become a torture to communicate with someone. In my head, there was some kind of fog all the time. Over time, all this has hurt me very much, and I still cope with the consequences.

Joseph Griffin

The first antidepressants didn’t really help me. I had a fever in the mornings after which a strong tremor began. There were some improvements but not significant. After a break of a year, I began to take other medications. This time, they just returned me back. I now feel even better than before depression. It became easier to cope with problems, ceased to engage in self-torture, began to believe in myself much more. And most importantly, I can now function normally. Yes, there were side effects from the pills, such as chills in the morning, light tremors. The changes were overwhelming for my exact case.

Rachel Hargreaves

People start to replace any sadness and decrease in mood into a serious depression. We are trying to find where they sell the most potent drugs. In fact, you just need to go to the doctor, he will tell you what to do and how to treat it. Well, if stress is not serious and you feel the strength to fight on your own, try something natural and harmless.”

Max Swift: “I suffer from insomnia and decide to visit a doctor. The doctor then prescribed an antidepressant. He said to take these pills before bedtime. He assured that it would calm the nerves and the sleep would be better. And so it happened)

Lara Parry

There was severe insomnia, as a result – depression. Anxiety, fear, nightmares, lack of sleep were not cured by psychotherapists with very potent drugs The neurologist and antidepressant Prozac helped to start living and sleeping normally. The effect appeared in a couple of hours.

Molly Fry

Depression is an unpleasant condition. Everything seems dull, I do not want anything. But the treatment allowed me to return a good mood and interest in life.

Matilda O’Donnell


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